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Here's a great way to teach theme in literature. Use glogster.com A cool free site for capturing video, sound bites, graphics, and more. Ask your students to determine the theme of a novel or short story or poem. Have them design a poster using the graphics, etc. and support that theme. They'll love working in analysis and synthesis because they are wired while doing it. You might also want to have them use some quotes from the work that also reflects the theme they choose. PLUS, they can share their work on-line in a shared gallery.

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The Chocolate War --
Recently, The Chocolate War (taught in our 9th grade curriculum) has come under scrutiny by some parents wanting it to be removed from the classroom. I was wondering if any other English teacher out there teaches this novel and/or had taught the novel in the past. I wanted to get some input from some other teachers to take to some meetings. Thanks for anyone who can help! Please email me at davism@brsd.org.

An assignment posted on the class wiki for my Accelerated English 10 students. I assigned H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man and allowed the students to complete the novel and assignments on their own accord. Not only did they enjoy the novel, but they loved having the responsibility "of a college student," independently learning, and co-teaching their peers.

The page where students were to post their assignments and respond to their peers. Everything is still there, have a look see!

www.toondoo.com is a really good one. Students can create their own unique characters or use the sites to create comic strips.

Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling takes the ancient art of oral storytelling and engages a palette of technical tools to weave personal tales using images, graphics, music and sound mixed together with the author's own story voice

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