Reading and Writing in the Digital Age

  • This is Upper Darby High School's new course that is being developed to update the curriculum now that CFF is in its second year here at UD. We welcome any feedback and suggestions. If you have any specific lesson ideas that go with any of the topics, we would love to see them posted to this wiki for all to see. Thanks!

Lightning Bug
Writing Partner, helping you write a story from beginnnig to THE END

Can Teach:

  • writing Prompts and Journal Topics

Sayings and Phrases

  • meaning and origin of common phrases

Internet Detective

  • (Researching on the Internet) It’s designed to help students in higher and further education who want to use the Internet to help with research for coursework and assignments.

So you have to do a Research Project?

Library of Congress

  • online dictionary and thesaurus

  • online access to academic books

Citation and Plagiarism