Thoughts for the video we'll make of the day

Image from Jeff R!
Assuming we'll have some stills and some videos, let's see if we can come up with some text that not only explains the day but has some over-riding message of change, etc. We can then either have the text pages as transitions between sections of images, or maybe put the text over top the images. My first thought is that text as transitions is better, but that's without seeing either.

So, this is a spot where we can write down thoughts for what that text will say. Just free-flow ideas, at this point. We can start to move them around once we get some to work with. Remember, some can be full sentences/questions (if they'll appear as transition screens), and some can just be one or two words.


On January 30, 2008, 150 English teachers and technology coaches from central PA got together to talk about change (broken into a couple screens for this?)
This is what happened
They shared success stories
They shared lessons learned
They made contacts for future collaboration projects
They made connections
They formed learning networks
They learned of the NEED to change
They gained courage from each other
... Feel free to add your thoughts for potential text to describe our day
They worked in small groups / large groups
They made "New Friends" - Colleague's
They found ways that would work for them
They heard/saw/experienced new ways to do their curriculum
They started working together
... Add more below...
They gained confidence in their skills.
They learned what it is like to be a 21st century student.
They learned what it is like to be a 21st century teacher.
They learned things that hadn't been planned.
They were creative.
They contributed.
They took control of their learning.
They learned that many of them are "ahead" of the curve
They engaged in true "professional development."